4 Essential Growth Hacking Tips You Should Be Aware Of

Yesterday I attended the Growth Hacks Conference hosted at the Broadway Studios, San Francisco. The speakers held inspiring talks (Rand Fishkin, AJ Kohn, Mike Pantoliano to mention just a few) and in each of them they gave hands-on tips on how to grow your business, how to attract people for your product and how to analyze the behavior of your customers.

Mike Pantoliano (@MikeCP) on Analytics

So in this article I want to share 4 essential tips of the Growth Hacking Event with you:

Sell your Story instead of your Product

A story will always be easier remembered than just mentioning the name of a product. Telling your personal story and why you are building a specific product is something your customers can relate and connect to. They can truly imagine your point of view and the features you implemented start to make sense to them and if your story attracts the people they will even start to tell it to others.
Read more on storytelling methods in this great article.

Match the User’s Search Intent with the Results they get delivered

Aligning the expectations of your users and what they get delivered is essential for a great user experience. Clicking on a link with a certain title should guide the user to what the title promised. The result of a Google Search should guide the user to what he searched for. If you for example recognize that your blog article is always found through a different search term than your article title you should think about changing the title to the one people are searching for to match expectation and result.

Evaluate Your Bounce Rates

Bouncing != Bouncing. If you only have a single landing page to browse your product it is quite obvious that the bounce rate will be really high. To get more valuable information about your bounces you can filter the bounces i.e. by setting a timer of 30 seconds. If somebody stays on your site for 30 seconds it is likely that this person is actually interested in your product.

An different or additional way of tracking interest could be how far people are scrolling down on your site. To analyse that behavior you could add event listeners which are triggered if a particular section in your page has been reached.

Concrete & Emotional beats Abstract & Intellectual

Explaining something very intellectual to somebody who is not familiar with a specific topic can sound very abstract to the listener. It’s quite clear that being concrete and to the point is better than just beating around the bush. Consciously thinking about to phrase something short but precise and understandable for everybody is often a challenge, but the more and more you pay attention on explaining something concrete it will be an ease to make a habit out of it.

Additionally being emotional on top of being concrete shows more personality and gives your customers a sign that you truly care about them, that you are open and honest to them and that you deeply care about what you are working on.

Check these great sources out to learn more about Growth Hacking:

Defining a Growth Hacker - Great series about the meaning & practical application of a Growth Hacker by Aaron Ginn on Techcrunch.

Growth Engineering 101 - A step by step guide on Growth Hacking for Founders, Product Managers and Marketers, which will be published as a series of ongoing blogposts and as a book.

Hackers & Founders TV - I very recommend this source for watching most of the Hackers & Founders talks on video.

SEOmoz Blog - A great source for getting tips on SEO, Online Marketing and Business Development

Conversion Rate Experts Blog - Hands-on Growth Hacking Tips.

Blind Five Year Old - A blog by an online marketing firm specializing in search, owned by AJ Kohn.

Unbounce Blog - Find input specific on optimizing your landing page, online marketing & conversion rate here.

1000 Grand True Fans - An inspiring article on being aware of each and every of your fans/customers.

Which Growth Hacking Tips would you recommend and which are you applying? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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